The Next Generation of Construction Labor Staffing

LbR is a construction labor staffing company born from decades of experience and a first hand understanding of the difficulties faced by Contractors and Restoration Companies needing labor.


LbR has developed an incredible workforce consisting entirely of direct employees (no third parties involved) and a three pronged technological solution to many of the issues facing both laborers and contractors on every job site. 

How does all of this work in the field?

When any of our clients call LbR they can immediately begin focusing on other priorities because we will handle all labor issues on that project. LbR handles recruitment, on-boarding, background checks & all other compliance issues, safety training, skill development, time keeping, rating & reviewing experiences, paychecks & direct deposits, client reporting, certified payroll, and more. 

Our typical clients include restoration companies, self performing contractors of all kinds & general contractors looking for supplemental labor.

LbR's Superior Work Force

LbR provides unskilled & skilled labor for most trades. Including: wood & metal framing, drywall hanging, drywall finishing, painting, ACT, flooring, carpentry and more.


At LbR, we value safety above all else so all LbR labor adheres to OSHA safety standards.  


LbR's Unmatched Technology

LbR has created a 3 pronged approach to create unmatched transparency, accuracy and accountability on each and every

job site. 

Our clients can be confident that all LbR hours on their projects are correctly accounted for and that all parties are rated for their professionalism, skill & effort. 




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Fort Lauderdale, Florida &

Raleigh, North Carolina

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