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Construction Labor Staffing

LbR provides labor to our clients at reasonable hourly rates that allow our clients to complete their projects on time and on budget. LbR can provide general & skilled labor for demolition, build-back & all interior trades. Skilled Trades including: wood & metal framing, drywall hanging, drywall finishing, painting, ACT, flooring, and carpentry. LbR runs background checks and e-verifies all employees before being submitted to any government vetting office. All LbR labor adheres to OSHA safety standards. All LbR labor is rated and reviewed to ensure an ever improving work force.

Construction Labor Staffing

LbR Provides Labor for  Disaster Response 

When disaster strikes, LbR has crews ready to mobilize on a moments notice following any type natural disaster. Hurricanes, tornadoes, earthquakes and fires all require contractors and restoration companies to scale up their labor force in a hurry to meet the needs of their clients . LbR is a one stop shop to supply all necessary labor force to help with prep, response, board up, demo, mitigation and rebuild projects. 

LbR Provides Labor for Self Performing Contractors

LbR provides hourly labor to all contractors that are performing a scope of work themselves. LbR offer's a superior workforce at competitive pricing so our clients can complete their projects on time and on budget. LbR's clients can focus on executing their projects once they call LbR to build their work force. 

Construction Labor Staffing
Construction Labor Staffing

LbR Provides Supplemental Labor for General Contractors

At LbR we understand a very important, although ugly, truth. Even the best Subcontractors will fail from time to time. When that happens, LbR can offer the General Contractor a responsible way to mitigate delay damages with a supplemental labor force that is both skilled and professional. 

Military Bases

LbR has vast experience working on
military projects throughout the United
States. Recently,  LbR has worked inside Camp
LeJeune, Cherry Point MCAS, Tyndall AFB
and Naval Support Activity Panama City
(NSA PC). We understand the need for
qualified labor in restricted access projects,
and we can help you meet your deadlines
without blowing your budget. 

Military Construction
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