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LbR's Unmatched Technology

Automated Reporting & Real Time Data Create Transparency For Our Workforce & Our Clients.
Tracking Laborer's Work Histories, GPS Verification, & Time Stamping Create Accountability that is unmatched in the construction industry. 
Digital Badge System Ensures Client knows exactly who is on their project.

Learn More About Each Component

LbR's Mobile App - Construction Labor Staffing

LbR Mobile App

LbR's mobile app allows LbR to ensure efficiency, complete transparency and accuracy in payroll & job site reporting.

LbR MgR App - Construction Labor Staffing

LbR MgR App

LbR MgR is focused on Mobile Check In & Check out like an old time punch clock but for the new generation.

LbR's Reports - Construction Labor Staffing

LbR Reports

LbR has daily automated reports sent directly to clients displaying all job site and shift details for each LbR employee on the job site.

LbR's Web Portal - Construction Labor Staffing

LbR's Web Portal

The LbR Web Portal allows LbR administration to control who is assigned to each project and create ad hoc reports. 

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